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Ab Dough Khiar – Summer’s Day by Niu Pahlavan

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Ab Dough Khiar by Niu Pahlavan

Summer's Day

I have walking across the street, and the sun's reflection from the cars dazzled my eyes. Although I love the sun, that day after long-time swimming when I went to a restaurant, I felt a warm wind on my skin. The sun was in the heart of the sky, and my watch showed 1:35 pm; I was sweating a lot when I was close to arriving at the dining hall. I could run away to find fascia or trees to stay under the shadow for a minute to prevent my skin from sunburning. Eventually, I arrived; the warm wind blew behind me, and I saw the warning paper on the door. 

“Due to Power Cut, The Restaurant Is Closed Today”

Oh, my …. Seriously?

I turned to Mama Molouk's house. I was sad and starved, and I thought about the dishes filled with fat that Mama Molouk probably made. I reminded notice from my swim coach, which she repeatedly said from the first day of practice: Every nutritious except fat and sugar.

I passed the gate and went to the room, which the cool breeze of the air conditioner greeting me on that hot summer day. I talked about my special diet, and Mama Moluok was busy with making lunch; it seemed she did not want to hear me. A few minutes later, Mama Molouk, with a large bowl, sits aside me. Carbohydrates, walnut, vegetables, dairy, and all ingredients except fat and sugar. So, you need this food, do not you? Mama Molouk said.

That was the best summer's lunch that I have had on that hot summer day. Today, I will tell you about that summer's dishes that we called: Ab, Dough, Khiar.

Ingredients for One

Yogurt - 1Cup
Cucumber Medium Sliced - 1
Aromatic herbs contain Mint, Basil, Coriander, Spring Onion - 1Spoon
*Two kinds of these types of vegetables are enough. 

Raisins - 1Spoon

Salt and Pepper 

Water - ½ Cup 


Mixed all ingredients in a bowl
Cover the bowl
Put in the fridge till becoming cool

Ab, Dough, Khiar is ready to eat!

by Niu Pahlavan

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