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Autumn Orange by Niu Pahlavan

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Autumn Orange by Niu Pahlavan

Autumn Orange

I realize the autumn of colours, everywhere is in orange, red, and yellow, like my redfish in the bedroom. Autumn is a painting room in a year. At the end of each season, they will say we have to catch up on the autumn to watch the colours in harmony. Autumn means walking on the chilling wind when the sun goes down. Colourful leaves come to stay on streets, and pavement covers by pine needle, hemlock and cypress leave to do not feel homesick.
On that fall’s night, I walked across the street to enjoy the autumn vibes, like every other fall night, but the wind drives wild, carried out all the leaves, the sky poured the drizzled. I ran from the Bagh Ferdous to Tajrish to arrived at the taxi station, but I was wet from head to foot.
Although I was not full of seeing the fall orange on that night, the weather was freezing and leaves getting dark. I wanted to continue this colour to the world peace, to the curtain in my room, to the flowers in the garden, mamas’ scarf, and grandma’s table.
I said, grandma?
…. yes…. It was that night. She made a food full of the autumn orange. 

Ingredients for 2:

Rice 20gr
Squash 250gr 
Onion 1
Salt, Pepper, and Turmeric
Brew Saffron 3spoon
Butter 100gr 
Honey 2spoon 
Chop and roast the onion. 
Chop the squash and add to onion. Add salt, pepper, and turmeric. 
Add honey.
In another pot, boiling water and adding wet rice and adding salt; after a few minutes, rinse rice. Then add one rice layer into the pan and add one roasted squash; continue to finish the ingredients.

Add brew saffron on rice and brewing the rice for 30 minutes.
• Serves with scrambled eggs
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Autumn Orange by Niu Pahlavan

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