Local Recipes
Local Recipes

A place to share both traditional and new recipes so that they can continue to be passed down to future generations, as well as be shared with others in the community. 

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"This is a land of secret recipes, passed down within families like treasured possessions"
Autumn Orange by Niu Pahlavan
Autumn means walking on the chilling wind when the sun goes down. Colourful leaves come to stay on streets, and pavement covered by pine needles, hemlock and cypress leave me to feel homesick. 
Ab Dough Khiar - Summer's Day by Niu Pahlavan
I talked about my special diet while Mama Molouk was busy with making lunch but it seemed she did not want to hear me. A few minutes later, Mama Molouk, with a large bowl, sits aside me. Carbohydrates, walnut, vegetables, dairy, and all ingredients except fat and sugar. "So, you need this food do you not?" Mama Molouk said.

Baghali Ghatogh - Delicious Gilan by Niu Pahlavan
The Caspian Sea in the North of Iran is surrounded by majestic provinces. Gilan province is one of them which is a dazzling combination of cultural diversity, local cuisine, tourism attractions, and creativity of art and gourmet dishes. Savory and ambrosial dishes make me passionate about Persian cooking stories.
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“As well as fruits, Iranians are obsessed with fresh herbs. No dinner table is complete without a basket of Basil, Mint and Spring Onions which are eaten between bites of a main meal”