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Newcomers Altruism Society

Altruism refers to any behavior that is designed to increase another person's welfare, and particularly those actions that do not seem to provide a direct reward to the person who performs them. 
As the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, British Columbia welcomes nearly 40,000 new immigrants every year. While not only improving Canada's economic and labour market, immigration also helps promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Building a rich multicultural society helps to nurture inclusiveness, understanding and mutual respect.

VancouverPersia.com is proud to create the Newcomers Altruism Society, a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious society focused on the moral practice of acting out of concern for another’s well-being. We focus specifically on newcomers (immigrants, refugees) that have recently arrived in Canada and are new in the local communities. 

Newcomers Altruism Society Scholarship Program
Donations received will benefit the N.A.S. Scholarship program aimed at assisting immigrant students wishing to pursue their academic dreams. More information on this program will be available in the near future.

Newcomers Altruism Society Community Ticket Program
In lieu of donating money, event organizers can choose to donate tickets to their upcoming event in exchange for advertising with Vancouver Persia. These tickets will provide newcomers in the community with the opportunity to attend upcoming concerts and events that they would otherwise not normally be able to attend. We believe this will help to encourage and promote inclusion in the community. More information on this program will be available in the near future.

Newcomers Altruism Society Knowledebase
We believe knowledge is key for any successful transition into a new community, which is why it is our goal to provide valuable information and resources aimed at helping newcomers from all backgrounds. In addition to centralizing this information onto one platform, we are also translating a number of local services into Farsi such as translink information, driver’s license, healthcare information, where to learn English for free, and there's so much more still to come...information not normally available in the Farsi language.

Together with others in the community, we hope to help create the foundation that will ultimately help newcomers and their families be successful in their communities, and their new life. 

Our Mission
The Newcomers Altruism Society is a charitable organization that focuses on providing knowledge and educational resources in a centralized location that both new and existing newcomers can benefit from in the community and in Canada.

Our Vision
To create an online community with shared goals that encourages assisting new and existing newcomers and their families transition into the community and a new life.

Our Values 
Respect, Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Diversity, Inclusion.

If you have a suggestion for a post you think would benefit newcomers, let us know here!
"Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that! It lights up the whole sky."

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