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Vancouver Persia is a not-for-profit online community that facilitates exploring, discovering, and promoting the rich Persian history, foods, arts, culture, and traditions in and around the Metro Vancouver communities. We believe this will lead to a higher level of understanding, respect and appreciation of the multicultural societies we live in while promoting inclusion, diversity and mutual respect.

The purpose of Vancouver Persia is to support the Newcomers Altruism Society in its efforts of promoting knowledge, education and inclusion for newcomers in our local communities. A place to make connections at concerts, festivals and community events while developing a deeper connection within the community. A place to exemplify the many contributions and benefits the Persian community add to the local Metro Vancouver communities which together help to make this one of the best places to live in the world.

Vancouver Persia is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious online community. This community is built on the foundation of Respect, Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion for all and is intended to be shared by all of our friends in and around Metro Vancouver. This online community does not exist without your support. Let's build this community together.

Our Talented Team members

A BIG thank you and congratulations to the team at BCIT for the Website Design and Development. They took great pride in delivering an Intelligent Design and Engaging Experience that can be shared by the local communities. For their work, they were rewarded with first place voting out of the fifteen teams participating in various projects. It was a true pleasure to have gone on this journey with them and watching them all succeed together.

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